Delivering kindness, connection & inclusion in a bright bowl of cuteness!

I'm Lucy the illustrator/designer behind the Latina owned brand, Lucy Loves Paper. I started this design studio in 2016 doing mostly custom art and since 2021 it has evolved into a stationery brand sold at stores in more that 20 States plus Canada.

Lucy Loves Paper celebrates diversity and deep human connections with an unabashedly cute style, full of unique characters and bold color palettes. I truly believe that open minds are healthier and open hearts are happier. Lucy Loves Paper is an extension of those beliefs.

I also think that cards deserve be enjoyed longer so I encourage buyers to give their greeting cards a second life by offering, on the back of each card, suggestions of how to repurpose or store them.

Now get comfortable take a look around. But beware: Our products are known to cause sudden smiles and warm fuzzies.

Warm Wishes,