Hello There!

My name is Lucia (Lucy) Saisse, and I'm the owner/ illustrator behind Lucy Loves Paper. My love story with paper started when I was a shy little kid in Brazil, that spent a crazy amount of time drawing the world in her head. Decades later when I decided to leave my corporate design career for illustration, I started with something I knew and loved: drawing people. In a few years Lucy Loves Paper became well known for its custom portraits, being featured in places like The Paper Fold podcast and Etsy TV ads. This year I'm launching my first full stationery collection, finally sharing with the world the colorful and fun illustrations that until now, lived only in my sketchbooks. As with everything we do this new line is full of character, celebrating human connection, inclusion and the special moments that make life worthwhile. I believe that open minds are healthier and open hearts are happier. Lucy Loves Paper is an extension of these beliefs. 

Sustainability is an important aspect of our brand and you can find out more about our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment here.

So get a cup of your favorite drink and take a look around, but please beware: Our products are known to cause warm fuzzies and sweet musings.

Best Wishes,