Hello, I'm Lucia (Lucy) Saisse, from Lucy Loves Paper. Illustration is my favorite form of self expression, and I'm most happy with a pencil and paper at hand.

I believe that the images that surround us have an impact on our mood and the quality of our lives. I believe humans are made to explore, that open minds are healthier and open hearts are happier. I believe in diversity, creativity, human connection and the healing power of nature. My illustrations are an extension of these beliefs, and celebrate the things that make our lives meaningful, fun and worthwhile. 

Lucy Loves Paper is a free, light and peaceful state of mind. It's a brand on a mission to bring surprise, delight and inspiration to your everyday life. Designed in my little studio in Southern California, the line is carefully crafted in the United States, using the highest quality materials.

Now please sit back, get a cup of tea and take a look around. But beware: our products may cause warm fuzzies, sudden smiles and feelings of wanderlust. ♥